An Extremely Fascinating Story

This days is great. This is one of the most practical collection I’ve ever before read.
The main personality who’s very proficient, yet not over-powered.
You additionally need to delight in or at least be alright with:
– A reality that the story’s advancement is VERY SLOW.
– The drama involving several ladies, like a harem. (the common shade-throwing, name-calling, face-shaming, etc between worthy females as well as petty relative).
The main character with a practically wonderful one-of-a-kind capability that no one else has.
– The primary personality that’s continuously combating and also being depressed each and every single time she rises up.
I do not suggest it if you desire:.
Romantic fluff.
A proud, over-powered, victorious, or barbarous principal personality.
– About Training/Leveling up.

This is among the aspects in days manga that goes promptly (I go to chapter 144 and also we still have not observed much romantic/character advancement).
Keeping that claimed, right here is a summary of the storyline:.
Han Yunxi is a wizard toxin medical professional in a modern-day age. Following her unexpected death, she’s born-again in the body of a “useless trash” child of a clinical family members, regarding to be married right into the cool and also aloof Duke of Qin, Long Feiye. Nevertheless, her partner rejects to satisfy her in the entrance, her fresh in-laws detest her, her older loved ones abhor her, and she has actually been attracted into a continuous fight within the palace … with just her unique toxin abilities help her. She does show up in the past making use of a “rip off ability” (her advanced poison detox/detection system), however she’s not OP. In spite of her poison capabilities, she’s faced with constant trials and battles in the sort of social schemes and also physical risk. She’s no fighting styles talent, her strategies do not always function as planned, she will not kill ruthlessly because of her previous job as a physician, and she additionally has little to no aid from others. In general, she’s all right to read and also her struggles are simple to comprehend.

In masamune kun no revenge Long Feiye is commonly referred to as an “ice,” and also it is no joke– he is amongst the most aloof, passionless, and also cool major personalities. Seriously. It’s not such as “oh look just how tsundere he’s, adorable,” it is more like “he legitimately does not care if she passes away.” Do not expect him to be a warm main character, at least except at the very least 150 chapters.
On the whole, this is one of the increasingly more realistic [light manga online complimentary] in the “wizard women born-again as junk child in the very early era” category. I liked it and also review all of the most up to date phases in just 2 days.

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