Fourth Time? No One Wants that!

This Doupo Cangqiong Manga is just, what can I say? Damn man, SO GREAT, It’s the BEST. The chapters are REALLY LONG too, which is truly wonderful obviously.Our M/C has been assassinated twice, and he’s suffered accidentally from some absurd God. In his first life on Earth, the entire class dies on a ship from a terrorist attack and he dies trying to save a woman, she shouted as well obviously. They meet the God Rodcarte and he tells them all they have two choices – You can be reborn on Earth but you’ll have your memories wiped OR you can be reborn into a new world, obtain exceptional skills to improve that world and keep your memories.

The God is only giving folks powers since he has to improve the world and our God Rodcarte heard this is a fantastic way to do it in the other Gods from other worlds. Out of the 102 people there, just 1 person refuses to be reborn in a new world with powers, the remainder chooses the second alternative.

The God calls them up, one by one to grant them fresh destinies, he gives them powers and sends them in their way. Unluckily, there’s a man in the group with the SAME NAME as our main character, just a 1 letter cutter different, and this idiotic God provides our MC’s powers or destiny for this scrub, so our main character, unfortunately, gets NOTHING. From the very beginning of his new life, he knew he’s fucked up. The only thing that the God gave him is a large amount OF MANA (he’s 10k mana, and 10k mana is generally a first class mage), but the God tells him he cannot practice magic in any respect, so our MC flips out to the God as well.

So, in his second life on the planet named Origin, his father was a drunk, mom a hoe, so that they sell him for alcohol. He ends up in a laboratory, was experimented on and turned into an Undead. He really acquired death magic there (fire, water, air, earth, light, life and soul magic are the known 7 components of magic so that this death magic is rare and fresh)Unfortunately, he ended up dying to 30 of his prior OP AF classmates who had no idea that our MC was reborn and them.

They were dispatched to eliminate some risk which was our main character, unfortunately. So, In Doupo Cangqiong a Fourth Time, our main character meets the God a THIRD time and tells him “I WILL KILL THEM ALL,” referring to the folks that only killed him unknowingly. It’s really a massive misunderstanding and he understands this too, but he’s still Read Manga Online, mostly at the God. After dying twice and preparing for his third life, the God Rodcarte does not want him to suffer, so he curses him, hoping he’ll die fast. Our M/C is reborn in the world Lambaerde, as He’s immune to the sunlight unlike vampires, and possesses very few flaws. About this planet and its background – We’ve Vida, the goddess of love and life.

Alda, the god of light and law.Zantark, the war-god of destruction and fire. Botin, mother of the planet and goddess of craftsmanship. Ricklent, the genie of magic and time. Zuruwarn, the god of distance and creation.These eight gods of the components in addition to the dragon-emperor god Marduke, the giant god Zeno and the beast-god Ganpaplio were recognized as the eleven founding gods.

The eight gods of the elements created humans, modeled after themselves, and started to teaching and guiding them as their followers. This is just a small part of my review about this [light manga online]. You can give it a try if you’re in the mood. Highly recommended! It’s worth a read.


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