Korean manga recommendations!

In terms of my enjoyment of this Tamen De Gushi Manga, I’d give it the best rating in my opinion. In case you don’t know, this is a Korean web manga. In terms of how easy it is to read, occasionally, I’d give it a medium rating.

I believe this manga does the ‘protagonist delivered to the past’ trope really well. In various other mangas, the character appears to regress in age emotionally as well as physically. The plot so far has been divided into zones with all the characters meeting harder challenges as they progress. These Zones can be enormous in scale.

Tamen De Gushi Manga
Tamen De Gushi Manga

Other characters so far have been largely transitional. There are a few who frequently appear or are mentioned, many of the significant ones haven’t actually been ‘fulfilled’ yet it sounds. In the recent chapters of Tamen De Gushi, we’ve been becoming more in-depth with their personalities. As an instance, he has a companion he seems to plan on sticking with, she has been getting some advancement.

Because of the way the trials have been set up in this manga it appears it was largely assholes who have lived in the later regions. This may change because of changes that the main character is bringing about. Now relating to this 4 our of 5 stars. This Tamen De Gushimanga can be somewhat difficult to read at times, with the prose feeling odd when studying. Initially, I thought it was only a lack of editing but that’s been enhanced as the Read Manga Online.

This coupled with a power system which can be somewhat unclear once you’re simply introduced to it means you will need to pay attention or you’ll get confused (I have a terrible habit of skim reading grid explanations due to reading a lot of Chinese mangas). In addition, the writer likes to sometimes skip about in time and place from chapter to chapter. It can be somewhat jarring with no transition. I believe it is fresh occasionally because the writer will bypass ‘unimportant’ items I could see in a Chinese manga that spending 15 chapters on. Some might find it annoying occasionally though as it sometimes skips minor boss fights.

All in all, I’d strongly recommend this manga, it is my current favorite Korean manga. The main character is just perfect for me personally and the plot is engaging and having a lot of potentials. If you’d like to manga  that much, just give this a go and you won’t be disappointed. Have a nice day, folks!


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