Just comedy, comedy and comedy

After about 110 chapters, I can say this Ruler of the Land Manga is a very entertaining. I’m already addicted and getting ahead of myself. It’s a very good humorous manga with a tons of potential. The story seems to have a lot of humor and the main character is relatable, which to me is the very important thing when I look for a web manga to read.
Zhang Xuan, the protagonist, is a reincarnate from modern times. And you know what, he used to be a librian in the previous life and now he become a teacher at the cultivation academy, his reincarnation “bonus” is the titular Library of Heaven’s Path. However, as he’s not only the youngest, least-respected teachers in the academy he works at, he’s no students either, and according to the rules a teacher without students would be fired.

So Zhang Xuan must take part into a mad race against time to collect promising students. And I have to tell you something. This isn’t a story of a man and his journey to the top, to become invincible. He has some special “cheat” skills, allows him to see through flaws, among other things about the target. It’s funny as hell. Please do not expect anything else when reading it.

When it comes to writing, this is a comedy all of the way to the bone. But the plot is very well written, even though you kinda know what will happen next, you can’t help but anticipate what’s going to happen. While there are lots of classic xianxia tropes in play, all of them exist either as backdrops or things to be lampshaded. The characters are also simple, though still enjoyable. This far the story does not have any “villains” per se, only antagonists that oppose the protagonist until they realize their folly.

Even the “main antagonists” of the first arc, the teachers and leaders of the academy, are not evil, only misguided and way too stubborn to let sleeping lions lie even after it becomes blindingly obvious that the protagonist isn’t the trash they thought he was.
Overall I liked this Library of Heaven’s Path. This is a really good, entertaining comedy that I’d heartily recommend. Only time will tell whether the formula will get old with time, but this light manga is golden. It still has some plotholes, the only thing you need to do is just open your mind, read it and then enjoy the comedy. If you’re a fan of manga and usually Free Manga, give it a go and you’ll like it. Have a nice day!

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