A new Bomb!!!!!!!!

Did you ever hear about Goblin Slayer Manga ? It’s a quite new but seems very popular and gets so much attention. It also has huge potential but takes a while to start and get into the core story

While to begin and enter it, which is just one reason why I believe many men and women are not keeping current with it and dropping it Now do not get me wrong its way from perfect but I believe Start up and make a special character from itself that it deserves

With your overly hyper primary character with unrivaled strength With that of a Silver-Back Gorilla Taiju, your adorable female romantic Interest of your primary character Yuzuriha and last but not least among fascinating characters shown in Shonen Jump Manga for a fairly Love and knowledge to science a small throwback to Albert Einstein if you will. The manga immediately changes when everybody is suddenly turned to Stone like God wanted to do a restart and just Taiju and Senku are released 3,700 decades later to a world uninhabited by people with Senku And Taiju attempting to rebuild civilization again with science.

The Artwork: I’ll give this 9 out of 10

I actually quite enjoy the artwork but it will take some time to Get accustomed to the principal thing I dislike about the artwork is the actuality That lots of the female characters look exactly the same just with a slightly Shorter or longer hair than others but the male characters Especially Senku have a very different style to the figures, the Of this manga is the comedic fashion art that’s used as comic relief but

But the primary characters Taiju is extremely cliched somewhat stupid but has Overwhelming strength, not fearful of any circumstance, Taiju can also be used as A comic relief character that I think is done really well overall but I Grows as of yet Taiju hasn’t been seen for approximately 4 chapters so his development is yet to happen. Senku is where this manga shines, He’s a Terrific character and has a special personality that’s unique to his Character that’s wonderful to see. The Notion of Senku using science as a Weapon rather than brute strength or a type of magic power is a nice Switch to Shonen Jump manga that is a pleasant read rather typical manga archetypes.

Enjoyment: 10/10

I’m really enjoying Goblin Slayer at the moment but I will State when it was showcased in Jump Start I had been reluctant to vote for the Was pleasantly surprised when it lasted on the lineup and I am continuing to hope for another chapter after completing the last.

Total: 8/10
I believe people need to give this newer style and distinct Unique to it own genre on itself do not get me wrong it’s a really Interesting manga and I know that not everybody will like it as it is but I would definitely say give it a go wait until chapter 5-6 to fall or Continue as it will get moving on quicker after that point. I don’t care If you’re a fan of mangabat or not, just give it a go and you won’t be disappointed. I promise you!

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