Cultivation Chat Group – An Amazing story with a over-powered MC!

Having read ahead a little, I will have to say that this read light novel is an excellent story, and I am finding it tough to put down. It really has everything you would want in a string; comedy, action, tractor racing, distance travel.
Comedy is possibly the significant theme throughout, almost always funny, and often laugh-out-loud hilarious. Lots of the humor is Tsukuyomi style, and well written, so if that’s something you should take a look.
Action exists, but it’s often fairly sparse, and half the time the main character does not have anything important to increase the scene. That style might pull a bit from time to time, but for the most part, the writing makes up for it, and the additional realism with a minimal level cultivator infrequently fairly high powered struggles – because many low leveled cultivators don’t have to leave their seats. Source :
But talking of degrees, we reach the only significant criticism I have: pacing. I don’t mean that the pacing of the writing, which is incredible, and plot progress, but instead the in-story timing. It is all justified in the storyline, but that somehow does not really jive with a setting in which strong cultivators spend decades in seclusion to level up. But I can see where the writer is coming from, as it is a modern setting you do not wish to go speculating too much into the future, or you will need to think of technological and political development for the upcoming centuries. A couple of months in the narrative takes hundreds of chapters of Cultivation Chat Group to cover, which almost makes the main character’s advancement rate seem slow to the reader.

Cultivation Chat Group Novel
Cultivation Chat Group Novel

A valuable part of the plot progression rate is cheated, a very important part of a Xianxia style novel. The main character does often luck out and gets things he would not really have got otherwise, but here I find it handled better than in many novels of this genre. The outcome of the cheats are often quite small, and for the most part, the main character does not get anything that is unheard of, only stuff that is good. In addition, it is balanced out by the fact that the main char also frequently suffers bouts of both terrible luck (although frequently as comedic relief), and when he does get something really good it is balanced out by drawbacks.
Another substantial balancing party in this Cultivation Chat Group is karma, which is a very real and very central region of the setting. What is sown will bear fruit, both in terms of relationships and actions, which forms a very distinct social dynamic from what you would see in your normal murder hobo Xianxia. Most characters are extremely considerate to each other, and our main char gets a whole lot of respect for the work he does and his accomplishments. There are bad eggs, naturally, from ghost cultivators to sea urchin warriors and devils from outer space, but all that’s also well reasoned within the atmosphere.
Almost all of my prior review still stands, with one notable change. The main character’s cheats do gradually develop more over-powered. But they remain incredibly entertaining.
At all, this is quite clearly not a battle focused story.
There’s an overarching plot gradually growing, though where it is headed is anyone’s guess. There’s a whole lot of candidates for the primary villain, but they may be tough to tell apart from the comic relief. Actually, most things in this story develop very slowly, like character development and love. So, I’d recommend this to anyone who is fans of read light novels online.





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