Can You Survive Extended Power Outages?

Destructive hurricanes and snow storms cause extended power outages, and it is crucial that you are prepared for this eventuality. Extended blackouts caused by massive storms leave homeowners feeling frustrated and helpless. Not surprisingly, the sale of portable gasoline-powered generators peak during the stormy season.

Portable generators are ideal for emergencies, but they are costly to run and can power only a limited number of electric appliances. To cope during extended blackouts, homeowners need an alternative solution. One option is a standby generator, which can provide uninterrupted power for days at a time.

Homeowners can choose a generator that suits their requirement, dai densetsu no yuusha no densetsu from smaller air-cooled essential circuit units to large liquid-cooled whole-house units. Installed on a concrete pad in your yard, standby generators are connected directly to the electrical panel in your home. Any disruption in the power supply is automatically picked-up, and a transfer switch disconnects your home from the utility power source. When your home is safely off the grid, the standby generator will start automatically and supply power to your home. As soon as the power supply is restored, the generator will switch off and your house automatically reconnected to the grid.


Natural gas, propane or diesel can be used to power a standby generator. Unfortunately, standby generators are expensive and are noisy when in operation. In addition, tales of demons and gods light novel standby generators require a qualified technician to install them.

Homeowners are exposed to financial losses during extended power outages in the form of wasted food, burst pipes, and the cost of alternative accommodation. In addition, basements can flood when the sump pump stops working. If you regularly experience power outages or destructive storms, investing in a standby generator is a wise option.

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