The story is nevertheless expressing

I’ve just one word to mention about Great Teacher Onizuka Manga –  EXCEPTIONAL! It is is totally MUST-STUDY proper who read manga.

The story is nevertheless expressing, far more than excellent. This manga may describes what is currently going wrong utilising the training curriculum through this time. The consideration may makes by understanding the lifestyle further than previously you more mature. While it describes how significant to be honest, furthermore, it slides many improvisation (nearly all it is perverted one:H) and lots of reckless acts inside it (the main figure is ex-driver anyway, thus nothing to become made out). By getting-off the building involves some example, Onizuka saved his student from suicide attempt. Though it is seems uneasy at start, however when it witnessed at another view if we got teacher similar to this would not it excellent? I’ll reveal the results lately, thus we got for that time to craft being first.

Among the most appealing art patterns in this manga could be the exclusive expertise look of the figures. I’ll say it is special since no mangaka (after I understand) 1used the style before. Their intense expression could make several guests laugh (myself also) basically in a few form of critical condition. You understand, functional, it really is additionally, while it’s unique. (transfer and obtain a replica of Great Teacher Onizuka sequence and you should determine what in the end)


I am unable to deny this Read Manga Online have many number that’s congratulations. The primary reason I am unable to give a highscore towards the results type is THEY HAVE DIFFERENT HAIR BUT SAME FACED TEMPERAMENT INSIDE especially male figure. It affects me after I discover Kikuchi and Murai have people as well as the only items which identify them are skin tone glasses and hair! The matter in results is just look. But great material is most of the results has their particular character.

You’re ready to see this manga every one of the night, without getting bored. Before my search for nearly twenty hours non stop in two days, I’ve been read this manga for my condition. All the arc are not repeated, plus the several outstanding is you-cannot assume what’ll do. You’re ready to assume the item while not activity in the Onizuka, so that it might make you laugh within the surface till drops!

Your total rating is 1000 from 10! I’ve to acknowledge that I appreciate this manga. Concerning the history, the graphics, the people, everything. This manga is among my best study ever. Read it. It is the best manga about college life on the planet!


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