A lovely RomCom Story

By the time I am making this review, there are just 20 accessible chapters of Shirokuma Tensei Manga that I read. Please DO NOT read if you DO NOT WANT any spoiler.

In the event that you enjoyed Shirokuma Tensei and just can’t stop then this manga review is truly for you.
About the story, the storyline is very interesting:
The narrative cercles around four characters. At first glance, this looks all platitudes but this narrative is all about four adolescents with distinct view on love, in case you examine it carefully. The storyline is truly refreshing without being over spectacular.


Artwork is nicely:
If I adore Io Sakisaka, it is not only for her perfect artwork but also for her wonderful narratives! To me, it is perfect!

Characters set is amazing:
YUNA, If at first I believed she’d be irritating, I was incorrect. If she’s a ‘dreamy’ girl, I was extremely surprised to find her change through the chapters. She learns from her mistakes and she’s more powerful than she appears at first glance. But so far, something is troubling me about her, it is the reality that Io is focusing on other characters, and I feel like she’s left behind!

She’d few boyfriends before that she believed she truly adored… When she is going to experience love for the very first time her perspective on love will transform.

KAZUOMI, there’s not much known about him. We understand that he’s trustworthy, kind and quite tender and he’s Yuna’s childhood pal! I can not wait to see and understand more about him!

RIO, If in the beginning you believe he’s just a playboy who adores girls simply on their look, you find out afterwards that he’s more complicated than he looks. He’s in a predicament which he can not command and truly, it is extremely depressed that he can not get out of it. And I can not wait for him to ‘transform’.

About Enjoyment
Up to now, I love reading this Shirokuma Tensei manga. I am hoping so! I do not enjoy when everything falls apart…

I can just give it an 8 since the story is not completed yet! Please, do not listen to the folks saying everything is platitudes… Being combined together, it makes something refreshing, although it may have some platitudes! The characters are realistic and pleasant! And truly, I can not forecast what is going to occur in the next phases! Which is an excellent thing! The sole thing I BELIEVE lacks in this manga is the little goofy minutes. This manga is not so ”amusing”. However, I presume it is due to the storyline building up and simply beginning, and since in an arc that is serious and important, but it is a quite New Manga, that is the reason why there isn’t so many romcom scenes.

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