Employing the Law of Attraction to Your Daily Life

Law of attraction where like attracts like works constantly in everyone’s life. Our minds intense and constant emotions and thoughts shape our daily life and our general life over time. To attract what we want in life we must become or feel what we want in our lives within our imagination. In other words, the only reality that exists is the one our consciousness accepts as reality.

Our conscious and unconscious minds work together and conceive reality or our whole consciousness which shapes our reality. If we are expecting a bad day and are having intense negative emotions regarding our day in advance our day will turn out bad in one way or another. slave harem in the labyrinth of the otherworld Our thoughts and feelings shape our day in advance since our consciousness is expecting it to go a certain way we have already imagined in our minds.

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Instead of fretting about things that could wrong during our day, week or month, it is simply necessary to refocus on all the things that could go right. In your mind’s eye focus on all the things you want to see go right, all the things you want to see accomplished and solved. Envision the key elements of your day and see them in your mind as resolved, eased, peaceful, joyful, serene, productive, effective, and any other positive emotion you can tie to your visualizations of your day.


If you are expecting a promotion, then envision as if you have already gotten it and are being congratulated on your advancement. See yourself within or from the point of your visualizations. Feel it as if it were real. Use your senses and your emotions to be within your visualizations and practice them every day or couple of times a week. You can let go of the visualization practice as soon as you can see the vision as crystal clear as you see the outside world. You will know when there is no need to practice you visualization of a specific goal or accomplishment.

If you are worried about personal issues, problems with your family then simply envision a situation where your family tensions are resolved and you are having an enjoyable conversation or dinner or get together of any other kind. See yourself communicating openly with your family members and how they are being open and honest with you as well. Wrap these visions with positive emotions such as love, gratitude, forgiveness, shen yin wang zuo joy, and relief in order to attract that same envisioned scenario in reality over time.

Think of your conscious mind as something you can always influence by changing your feelings and perception regarding anything in your life. When you switch from intense negative feelings and thoughts to positive feelings and thoughts over time and with practice then your unconscious mind accepts the new feelings and thoughts as a new reality which needs to be manifested on the outside. Your unconscious mind is in part tied to the unconscious minds of your immediate friends, family, and colleges so they will too sense to a certain degree the change you have consciously made.

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