Should You Write for An Academic Content Site?

It’s9z8a33g hard for freelance writers to find well-paying work. Academic websites, where students pay others to do their homework or thesis papers, at first seem like a great way for freelance writers to make money at home. However, there are many problems with writing for such websites. Only write for them as a last resort. That Ethical Thing The elephant in the room is that by working for academic websites, you are helping the student cheat. The student will present your writing as his or her own work. Just how “wrong” cheating is differs for each school or university. It is not your fault if a student is caught cheating by turning in work that he or she did not write. Getting incendiary emails from these students about the grades received (and you will get them) can be highly stressful.

Dragon-Blooded War God
Lack of Security Academic writing content broker sites are not exactly concerned about site security. After all, they are providing a borderline illegal service. If their clients wind up getting their identities stolen, they won’t complain, since they cannot admit to anyone that they bought their homework. Writers also may become victims of identity theft, especially if the site requires copies of diplomas or other sensitive information before hiring writers.

Administration Hassles
Some academic writing sites have been known to call their writers at all hours of the day and night in order to harass them for more work or to make rewrites. Many times rewrite requests are unclear, especially if the website administration is located in a country that does not speak English very well. Some sites will also fine their writers for late work or assignments that have to be dropped for any reason at all (including medical emergencies or power outages.) This means a writer can be denied payment for work presented and the writer can do nothing about getting the money back.
In Conclusion : Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru
Although writing for students, university students and PhD candidates may look like quick money for little effort, it’s far more trouble than it’s worth. Such sites may hassle writers, deny them payment or expose writers to identity thieves. Writers also may be harassed by the site’s clients, even if such harassment is brought to the attention of the site administrators. Academic websites may hire native English speakers but not speak English themselves. This makes communication to resolve problems extremely difficult.

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