Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling Service Yard Security Tips

After the worldwide recession of 2008, many people turned to selling scrap metal in order to find enough money to live. Some people quickly figured out that a $50 billion industry was just ripe for plucking. It is estimated that scrap metal thefts cost the industrial scrap metal recycling industry about $1 billion per year. Stop thieves by following these tips.

Combine Security Measures, Stellar transformation

It’s not enough to have an alarm system or even a security guard in place. Industrial scrap metal yards need a combination of security measures to not only deter thieves if they get inside the yard, but to scare them away from your yard in the first place. Electrical fencing around every bit of the yard perimeter helps deter break-ins. A conspicuous security camera also deters thieves and can help collect evidence for prosecution.

Make It Difficult To Buy From Dealers, Devouring The Heavens

The days of anyone walking in off the street with a pile of scrap metal to sell should be long over in your yard. Only work with dealers that adhere to the guidelines of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. All dealers need a photo ID. All transactions need to be recorded. Put up posters in English and Spanish announcing that dealers must produce a valid photo ID.

Make Friends with Local Police

Many police departments across the country view scrap metal theft as a low-priority crime. Help your local police realize just how serious it is. Give to police charities. Show up for local meetings to discuss how you can help your police officers deter theft in your neighborhood. Write down any suspicious activity and when it occurred and give it to the police. Make your security tapes available to local police whenever they want to look at it.

Never Trust Your Employees

Treat your employees well but never entirely trust them. Internal theft is huge in the scrap metal industry. Perform background checks before hiring. Install metal detectors. Make employees punch a clock or do some other tirne-starnp activity to show when and where they were should a theft occur.

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