How to make a translucent Lamp for your Home

Easy and inexpensive to make, this wonderful example of paper craft will create a soft pool of brightness and be an elegant accessory to spruce up interiors. Decorative when unlit and beautiful when illuminated, the lamp features a delicate floral pattern. Here’s how to make a translucent lamp for your home:
You will need: Warlock of the magus world
• Bulb and bulb fitting with flex, suitable for fitting into a bottle • Small, heavy candlestick holder, preferably short • Scraps of translucent and opaque coloured paper in green, lilac and blue • Cutting mat • Craft knife • Swivel head craft knife • 1 sheet heavyweight (160 — 200 gsm) translucent or tracing paper, suitable for the size of lamp you wish to create; for this project, the paper is 35 x 64 cm in size. • Small selection of sequins to match the colours of the scraps of paper • Spray adhesive • Clear adhesive squares or double-sided tape, or staples
Instructions: Sovereign of the three realms
1. Pop the bulb fitting into the candlestick holder. It will act as a simple lamp base. The shorter the candlestick holder, the better, as the bulb looks best if it is positioned close to the bottom of the lamp and the whole construction will be more secure when “bottom-heavy”.
2. For the floral pattern, take one of the coloured papers and roughly cut out ca. 10 circles, each 4cm in diameter. Line up the circles on the cutting mat and use the craft knife to cut out a series of triangular shapes from each circle, leaving daisy-like petals. When each flower shape is completed, cut out a small circle from the centre to represent the “face” of the flower.
3. To make the leaves, take another of the coloured papers and use the swivel head craft knife to cut out long teardrop shapes. Cut out tiny triangles along each edge to break up the line.
4. Trim the tracing paper until it is about 30cm wide and 60cm long (or the desired size of the lamp). Coil the paper into a double coil. This will be the fmal shape of the lamp and size of the fmished lampshade. It is a good idea to check at this stage if it is a suitable height and width for the location you have chosen for your lamp, and work out where to position the flowers and leaves.
5. Arrange the flowers and leaves over one half of the translucent paper; then scatter a few sequins between the “sprigs”. Carefully fix them all down with spray adhesive.

6. Coil the paper again, ensuring that the leaves and flowers are between the layers of the double coil. Fix the edges of the coil together using clear adhesive squares. The edges could also be fixed with double-sided tape. However, this can turn yellow with age. Or you could use staples, but these will show when the lamp is lit. Cut a small, neat “U” shape into the base of the lampshade, to allow the lamp flex to pass through the shade so that the lamp will stand flat. Place the shade over the bulb. The shade is light and sturdy enough to be lifted to allow access to the bulb switch. Keep on a flat surface and out of strong draughts or direct sunlight, as this will fade the colours of the paper.
Now you know how to make a translucent lamp for your home, there won’t be any limits to your imagination. Why not make one for the kids’ room with a panda or dolphin motif?

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