How to make a pressed Flower Greeting Card

Flowers can express our innermost feelings where words fail us. This elegant, nostalgic greeting card uses a single flower, making the most of the flower’s texture and shape.
Here is how to make a pressed flower greeting card in three easy steps:
You will need:Peerless martial god
• Scissors • tweezers • Watercolour paper • Envelope • Fine paintbrushes • Water-based gold size • Gold leaf or Dutch metal leaf • PVA (white) glue • One pressed flower • Pencil
1. Cut the watercolour paper into a size that will Et the envelope when folded in half. Using a fine paintbrush, apply water-based gold size to selected areas at two opposite corners of the card front. Leave for ca. 30 minutes or until clear and tacky.
2. Now press the gold or metal leaf on to the size. Make a small mark with the pencil where your flower is to go between the two gold leaf areas.
3. Using a clean paintbrush, apply glue sparingly to the face of the flower. Pick up the flower with tweezers. Gently lay it face down (glue side down) on the card front, where you have marked the spot with the pencil. Press lightly to secure in place. Wait until card is completely dry before writing your message inside the card and placing it into the envelope. For a change, you could try turning the flower’s face over to display the undersides of the petals for an interesting contrast of colours and textures, or adding a leaf or small part of the stem to the pressed flower.Great demon king
It’s a great way to use unusually shaped leaves, too. Once you’ve mastered the basic technique how to make a pressed flower greeting card, more ideas will come to you.

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